As students, you have the opportunity to help transform the way people think and talk about sex and sexual assault. How, you ask? Every campus has different needs, but some useful starting points might include:

  • Bring Kelly and Becca to campus! We will utilize our expertise and create a campus visit that is both memorable and effective. Contact us to start a discussion.
  • Sexversations® is an important tool to address sexual assault. Learn more here.
  • Host a screening of the documentary YOU ARE THE ONE and facilitate a discussion about creating social change
  • Schedule a call with Kelly or Becca to discuss how you can address specific campus issues.
  • Take action utilizing the resources available through One Student—
    • Host a pledge signing event followed by a discussion about the potential impact each line in the pledge could have on campus culture
    • Present a program in your residence hall using the free multimedia resources and educational materials
    • Use the social norm campaigns to start discussions about consent, violence prevention, bystander behavior and the role individuals can play in reducing sexual violence

Interested in bringing Kelly & Becca to your community?

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