Sexversations® is an entertaining and powerful educational tool that’s all about inspiring inclusive discussions about sex, intimacy, relationships, safety and sexuality, through questions that open your mind and challenge your conscience.  The Sexversations® card game is designed to encourage honest and healthy conversations about sex. Sexversations® can enhance your sexual literacy, sexual well-being and sexual health all while helping you learn more about yourself, others and how to become sexually empowered.


Why Sexversations®?

Our goal is for Sexversations to get you talking openly and honestly about sex. The best way to create a sexually empowered culture is to remove barriers & stigma and provide accurate & inclusive sex education. Sexversations® helps get these critical conversations started so that we can better understand ourselves, our boundaries and our partners.

This deck of playing cards encourages you to answer questions and address beliefs, issues and attitudes that may differ from person to person but with respect and understanding Sexversations® can lead participants to discover sexual empowerment for themselves.


Suggestions for Sexversations®

  • Talk about sex and related issues with your partner or partners.
  • Enjoy open and honest dialogue with your friends.
  • Ideal for many sociology, philosophy, health, women’s studies, wellness, psychology and ethics classes.
  • Parents talking with their children.
  • Perfect for student organization activities or workshops.
  • Great for helping peer educators start conversations.
  • Self-sexversate to help further your own sexual awareness and embrace the more sexually empowered you.

How to get the Sexversation® started.

Sexverations® are perfect to share with friends, partners, student organizations, classes, peer-educator groups, etc. – the possibilities are endless. But be prepared, Sexversations® will really get people talking, which is why we strongly encourage a designated facilitator lead any group discussion. A Facilitator’s Manual is available for purchase.

Sexversations helps you design topic-specific programs. You can focus on a specific category, pre-selecting cards to create your ideal Sexversation®. The categories are organized by suit.

  • Clubs – General and Sexuality
  • Spades – STIs and Communication
  • Hearts – Sexual Assault
  • Diamonds – Questions for your Conscience

Don’t be afraid to get creative and come up with your own way to Sexversate but remember that in order for Sexversations® to be effective the game requires that everyone treat all participants with respect. So keep it open, honest and honor the confidentiality of your Sexversations®.


card-game-smallThe Playing Cards

A deck of playing cards that can change the way you think about sex. Each of the cards are designed to incite respectful conversations about sex. Sexversations® is all about exploration. Most of the questions do not have one correct answer- it’s more about discovering your thoughts, experiences, beliefs, and values. No matter how different they may be from others, we can learn to respect them, because respect is the core of sexual empowerment.

Available for purchase here soon…in the meantime, contact us!


facilitators-manual-smallThe Facilitator’s Manual

The manual is designed to help facilitators lead effective group discussions. Notes, suggestions, leading questions and sample discussion points are provided for each Sexversation card. Detailed answers are given for questions that call for more definitive answers. Each question is addressed individually so the facilitator can use them separately, by topic, category or as a complete deck.

Available for purchase here soon…in the meantime, contact us!


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