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Sexversations® is a sexy, entertaining and powerful educational tool that’s all about inspiring straight talk and clever discussions about sex, intimacy, relationships, safety, sexuality, and questions to open your mind and challenge your conscience.

We created the Sexversations® card game to encourage honest, healthy conversations about sex. Sexversations® can enhance your sexual literacy, sexual well being and sexual health and help you learn more about yourself, others and how to become safer, more secure and sexually empowered.

Why Sexversations®?

Because we’re experts on sexual assault awareness, sexual assault prevention and sexual empowerment that happen to talk about sex for a living we have had many discussions about sex, sexual assault, safe sex, sexuality, sexual empowerment and everything in between. We have been asked many questions and we've done a lot of asking ourselves.

Our goal is to get you talking because we believe the best way to create a sexually empowered culture filled with confident, empowered, healthy and respectful individuals is to talk about “IT”. Sexversations® helps get the critical conversations started so that we can better understand ourselves, our boundaries and our partners.

This fancy deck of playing cards encourages you to answer questions and address beliefs, issues and attitudes that may differ from person to person but with respect and understanding Sexversations® can lead participants to discover for themselves what sexual empowerment is all about.

To learn how to get the Sexversation® party started click here.

Suggestions for Sexversations®

  • Talk about sex and related issues with your partner or partners.
  • Enjoy open and honest dialogue with your friends.
  • Ideal for many sociology, philosophy, health, women’s studies, wellness, psychology and ethics classes.
  • Perfect for student organization activities or workshops.
  • Great for helping peer educators start conversations.
  • Self-sexversate to help further your own sexual awareness and embrace the more sexually empowered you.

For information about bringing Sexversations® the program to your campus or community contact us at

Get your hands on a deck and read them, discuss them, let us know what you think and by all means keep the questions coming. Sexversations® have changed the way we see so much of our world and we hope your Sexversations® do the same for you.