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Let’s Talk About “IT”

Kelly and Becca’s passion for sharing Let’s Talk About “IT’, stems from Kelly's experience with sexual assault while in college, it's impact on their lives, the trauma of the resulting pregnancy and the critical role their friendship played in the recovery process. Unlike any other program on the topic of sexual violence Kelly and Becca use humor to both inform and inspire. Using their signature three step model, they teach participants how they can help reduce sexual violence. Armed with their personal experience, expertise and unique ability to relate to each member of the audience this program treats both men and women as allies while focusing on the importance of communication, bystander prevention, personal responsibility and supporting survivors. Using sexual empowerment as their platform they decode the toxic language surrounding sex and offer innovative ways to address alcohol, sex under the influence and date rape drugs.

Always upbeat their emphasis is on acknowledging that students are not the problem but the solution. Learn how you can be a part of the solution and leave with the tools to make your community a safer place. You will laugh, you will be inspired and you will know how to leave your campus better than you found “IT”!

Individuals who participate in this session will...

* If including athletes in this program, you might be eligible for a $500 NCAA grant.

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Kelly and Becca are putting all their cards on the table to encourage meaningful and healthy conversations about sex. Using their innovative educational tool, Sexversations® they will help strengthen your ability to have open conversations about intimacy, relationships, sex, sexual health, sexuality and sexual assault. This highly interactive program requires your thoughts and feedback in order for all participants to leave feeling satisfied with their Sexversation® experience. This program provides a safe and comfortable space to get an important conversation started and gets people talking about sexual health like you’ve never seen before. It will inspire participants to share what they learn with their peers to help contribute to a safe, healthy and empowered campus culture. Come prepared to think, challenge, contribute and learn.

Individuals who participate in this session will...

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Unite for Change: Collaborative Prevention Efforts

Through working with hundreds of college campuses and communities Kelly and Becca have had the opportunity to fine tune engaging almost every type of student and campus group. They will share their insight and best practices to help participants have more successful programs, recruit additional allies and better engage their campus population. Participants will learn how to effectively get their message to more people and engage a larger percentage of the student population. Special attention will be given to engaging fraternities and sororities, athletes, international students, orientation groups and campus programming boards. Participants are encouraged to contribute to the session by sharing some of their success stories in recruitment, marketing and partnering with other organizations. Bringing the student body together helps create a community committed to unite for change.

Individuals who participate in this session will learn how to engage a greater percentage of the campus population in their programs by...

Communication 411

Do you want to learn how to improve your relationships and enhance your leadership skills? This program provides a unique way of looking at how and why people are different by using the scientifically proven communication tool, Psycho-Geometrics, also known as shape psychology. Participants will discover more about themselves, their attitudes, and the people they interact with. Discover how to communicate more effectively to become a valuable team player and successful leader. Learn how to meet your ideal type, what to say to attract them; what to do on the first date, and yes, even a few tips on approaching questions about intimacy and sex. This is an interactive program with an entertaining approach to exploring your personality and discovering the most effective way to communicate to have a better chance of getting the results you want personally and professionally.

Kelly and Becca are two of only three dozen Psycho-Geometrics licensees throughout the world and they are able to fully customize a training session to meet your specific organization or programming needs.

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