If you are on this site you may want to be educated and informed for yourself and your children about the issues related to sexual violence. You may know a survivor or you may be seeking ways in which you can discuss these issues with your child. We want to help! Some things you may want to consider:

  • Follow Kelly & Becca on social media and get to know them and their message.  Each of our Facebook and Twitter pages can be found here.
  • Download, read and share Raising Respectful Human Beings, which provides tools and tips for helping to raise respectful and mindful human beings from birth and beyond.
  • Consider using Kelly and Becca to educate parents and soon to be or recent high school graduates. Utilizing our expertise, we can create a visit that is both memorable and effective.
  • Sexversations® is an important tool to address sexual assault. Learn more here.
  • Schedule a call with Kelly or Becca to discuss how you can address specific issues.

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